//long term goals

Yesterday I went to an interview for a job in which I’d be writing embedded-C programs for an engineering company. I think the interviews went pretty well, and I’m hopeful, though not expecting to get this job. Maybe a 60% chance? Always hard to say.

But one of the interviewers asked about my process and we started talking about how we structure goals. He mentioned how optimistic he tended to be, which sometimes meant that a project was a lot more difficult than he imagined. I told him how I break tasks into the smallest components possible, which made it easy to start work and get things done.

It did, however, expose one of my weaknesses: long-term planning. Though I’m very focused when demo nights get announced, my long-term goals tend to be much hazier. And that’s led to the project getting pushed back and delayed. Even now, when I feel the game “should” be in beta, it sits in alpha. I think having some harder deadlines would be good.

So I’m setting them. Big goals to hold myself to. Of course, if I get this job, those goals might have to be moved somewhat as I get situated and learn some new skills. But regardless, it’s important to set them.

Let’s see what happens. Perhaps this will be the thing that gets the game finished.



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