//getting ready to demo

So I got back to America and decided to restart work on a game to learn Kana, the Japanese “alphabet”, which had been delayed by my odd final week in Japan. No sooner had I got it half set-up before I find out there’s a demo night for the Boston Indies group next Monday. And what does that mean: Time to go get work done for The Many Sides of Ball.

Having been working on my portfolio for the past couple months, TMSOB has really been on the backburner. And when work isn’t getting done for it, it slowly feels worse and worse. Like a cold that doesn’t go away. Not so bad when nothing changes for a week. Awful when you’ve had the same cold for two months.

But since learning about the demo night, I’ve gotten a boatload of work done for TMSOB. Almost perfecting the 3rd person camera. Putting in a cutscene skip button. Adding NPCs with little speech blurbs. Getting the same system in order (including making multiple save slots, have collectibles stay collected). Making the world map work. Updating the pause menu. All over the course of two days. A very productive two days.

For the first time in a long time, I’ve felt really good about TMSOB. Still, a lot more work needs to be done before it’s ready for the general public. But it finally feels like that’s possible again.


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