//side project: Hakai

Finally back to a game with a better scope!

“Hakai”, meaning “destruction” in Japanese, was based largely on the game breakout. It’s a short arcade-style action game with over 20 levels and a little story to guide it along.


You can download Hakai on itch.io here (for PC and Mac)

The game supports keyboard, mouse, and gamepad control. Which, until this point, none of the games I’ve made had such variety in user control. Chalk that up to the simple gameplay. Perhaps I’ll include touch controls in a future update. Depends on the interest I get.

The game, like Tetris Fighter before it, has a few glaring bugs that remain, including levels where sometimes the ball stretches and a few levels where the ball can go through the enemy even before the enemy is dead. I have ways to fix these problems, but ultimately, I think I have more to gain by working on the next project.

For two busy weeks, I’m pretty happy with where I ended up. But this is definitely a game I could come back to in the future and potentially make a sequel to.

We’ll see! For now, go on over to ichi.io and enjoy it!

P.S. Consider purchasing the game if you’d like to support my game development efforts.


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