//sunk cost thoughts

It’s hard to change focus when you’ve spent hours every day thinking about something nonstop. When you really finish a project, there’s a certain part of the mind that turns off.

“We’re done. Let’s move on.”

But when you just decide to abandon a project, unfinished, it lingers. It takes effort to not have that abandoned project crawl back into your space. There’s only one thing to do.

Like a recovering addict, it’s important to replace one habit with another. To avoid thinking about the old project, you start working on something new. Completely immerse yourself in the new project.

That’s one way to help solve the problem. The other way is to make sure your new project incorporates elements from the old project. This way, it feels like a continuation of the older project. A way to trick your mind into saying, “That was all just leading to this.”

And it’s not wrong. Whenever you make something new, you tend to bring elements into it of everything that came before. Nobody invented the car or wagon without knowing about the wheel, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the leading rocket scientists of the first space missions were really into missiles beforehand.

So I made the decision Wednesday to just work on something new. A breakout clone. But, never satisfied with making the same thing as something I’ve seen before, and with RPGs on my mind, I decided to make it RPG-like. At the least, stats and an upgrade menu. I’m toying with a storyline, but that dangers the scope. So, we’ll see. Definitely won’t commit to that until I have the rest of the game effectively done.

In terms of avoiding thinking about the old game, it’s actually been super effective. I’ve spent the past couple days only thinking about the new one, which I’ve dubbed “Hakai” (破壊), which is Japanese for “break” or “destroy”. I’m excited to unveil it within the next week or so.

For now, here are some of my basic test screenshots:



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