//side project: Tetris Fighter

Hey guys. Over the course of the past week, mostly in my off time, I made this short Tetris-platformer hybrid. The game is short and simple, but I think you’ll be able to find something to love.

TetrisFighterV1 2017-04-21 10-12-05-91.png

The game is available on itch.io here.

If you like it, please tell your friends!

The reason I’ve made this game and will probably make 2-3 others over the next month is because I’m looking to build up a portfolio of simple games that show off my range of game design abilities. Certainly, they aren’t quite as thought out and rigorous as usual, but if this was any indication, they’ll be fun to make.

And, honestly, sometimes people prefer the simple games.

TetrisFighterV1 2017-04-21 10-17-34-13TetrisFighterV1 2017-04-21 10-12-19-75TetrisFighterV1 2017-04-21 10-17-39-14

We all dream of making the next Fez or Undertale or The Stanley Parable. But there’s value in these little endeavors as well. Especially as a means to broaden personal horizons.

Anywho, enough blathering. Go check it out!


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