//starting on polish

This week saw the end of work on the final level. That doesn’t mean that the level is completely done, but that for all intents and purposes, the basic structure of it is in place.

With the levels all done, in their most basic implementation, there remains only 3 aspects to finishing the game:

  1. Add in the final voice overs to each level, including the extra dialogue (stuff you hear when waiting around in certain spaces)
  2. Polish each level, based largely on tester feedback
  3. Fully implement the save system, and potentially the upgrade system

This doesn’t take into account the fact that I need to finish working on the dialogue, officially record the final voice overs, wait for all the music to be finished, wait for cutscene art to be finished, as well as the decision whether or not to include bonus areas or how the level select should be implemented (world map, or big screen with each level as a button).

Regardless, getting the final level basically done certainly gives an air of finality to the project being completed.

I’m working on getting a video ready for submission to the Boston Festival of Indie Games. And this weekend I’ll hopefully get some decent playtesting information. That’s going to be exciting.

Even though I’m close, that April 15th deadline still scares me. Gotta get this done!


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