//testing, music, and randomization

This week saw more work get done on the final area. With all my additions, I gave it a nice playthrough and I’m generally happy with the results.

Often in development, more time goes into working on the game rather than playing it. In some ways, this comes from a trust in yourself that the things you’re doing make sense and fit into the game. And, that for every week you put into a game, you get about 10 minutes of actual additional playtime in the game. From that perspective, testing might as well be every month, so you have almost an hour you can play. Gives you a nice macro look at how the game is coming.

But, really, best practice says that testing should be happening often.

One of the best things that happened this week was getting the final version of music for the first area from the composer. It’s so good. SO good. I may be overselling it, but it really does sound good in the game. Accompanied by a slightly updated sound system that keeps a song playing between scenes and the game feels a lot more like a real game.

Getting all the music and voice overs, will, I hope, make the game feel done.

Aside from that, I added some randomization to the jump sound so that it doesn’t get too repetitive. Although the real key might be to have two or three different jumping sound clips and randomly choose between those. The game isn’t too long, so hopefully the sound isn’t too annoying, but there is a lot of jumping in the game.

All in all, a good week. Could have been better, but I feel accomplished.


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