//BFIG, cutscenes, and decent work

It’s been exactly a month since my last update. Too long. I actually couldn’t believe it when I saw the date.

I’ve been working, of course. The final area is coming along, and I’m happy with how the game is fitting together. It definitely needs more work, but I’m sure every developer feels like that even after release.

It was a rookie mistake to go into this narrative-focused game with a whole outline of where the main character would go and then build that world exactly. The openness of most of the world has led to some difficulties, specifically in camera movement and player direction. The focus was on making a big world over a detailed world, and while that was part of the entire feel for the game, I definitely think it ended up making this a lot harder for a single person to complete.

But, this isn’t a postmortem. The game’s not even out. There’s still time to fix some of the problems.

On the other hand, I was happy to add pictures to my opening cutscene.


None of them are good, but they work as placeholders. Immediately, people started paying attention to the opening of the game, where they traditionally had not. That’s good. Now to hope I can get an actual artist to make some final versions of these.

April 15th is the deadline for submission to the Boston Festival of Indie Games (FIG). That means I have to make a short video explaining the game and send in a demo, among other things. Can’t say I’m super confident that it’ll get there, but I’ll do my best.


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