Not much done this week, but I figure I should do a post for posterity’s sake.

The biggest update this week come in the form of a script that makes all the NPCs move initially when the level loads. Because of the haphazard placement of NPCs in certain places, and the fact that NPCs don’t move unless the player is within a certain proximity for lag purposes, sometimes it looks as if NPCs are falling from the sky. Some were placed in mid-air, and on approach, they would fall. Now, there’s no more of that. Quick and easy fix.

Other than that, levels 5-3 and 6-4, perhaps the most puzzle-intensive levels in the game, had work done on them. 6-4, being the final level in the game, needs a little more care, but it’s coming along nice. I worry that the game won’t end with anything memorable, but I think this level will do a good job.

Until next week!


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