//able to see the end of the road

The game approaches completion, slowly but steadily.

The voice overs are implemented in the first 4 chapters. Originally, I had to test and individually time the voice overs while playing to see if they worked well enough. That is, I would assign a time length to each voice over, so that the next voice over wouldn’t play until the time I assigned elapsed. Often, I would just arbitrarily assign a value like 5 seconds to a voice over, and if it went on longer, I would up it to 7 and see how that felt.

It was slow. It was tedious. It was stupid, too.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (7).gif
Simplicity? Complexity?

Until the solution dawned on me in a really simple way: check out the sound file length. If it was 7 seconds, make the time 8. If 10, 11. If 2, 3. Add one extra second to the sound file’s time and make that the new time for the voice over itself. Ever since that simple change, every voice over has had more-or-less perfect timing. If I want the game to have a little extra lag in the time, or I want the dialogue to be more snappy, I’ll change it. But for the majority of the voice overs, “audio clip time + 1” has been perfect.

Aside from the audio, I’ve added objects to make level 2-3 (the pyramid level and perhaps the hardest level by some accounts, ironically) easier and a little more interesting to traverse. It isn’t perfect, and a little voice in the back of my mind says that I should really start from scratch, but for now, I’ll keep it and work with it. The time to scrap levels is either early on or when polishing the final product to get it to feel just right. I’m not convinced either of those requirements is met.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (8).gif
Another thing I got done this week: This simple barrier turning off animation for level 5-2.

As for the whole project, it’s getting there. Bit-by-bit. The end seems in sight, even if far off. 6 months? I should consider working on an official trailer soon.

I hope that my stint in Japan, from March to June, is as productive as I think it will be.


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