//FIG, scrum, little done

It’s difficult to quantify the accomplishments of the past week. Last Saturday was the Boston FIG talks, which was useful not only for the panels and discussions, but also for talking with my teammates about the other game I’m working on. We did a scrum and planning session for this month on Saturday, and that game gets ever closer to being presentable. My only regret from FIG was not doing more networking, but without cards, networking can feel like a lost cause sometimes.

On Sunday, I went to lunch with someone who works for a small indie game company and then later played the first Disgaea for analysis purposes. It’s funny how many tutorials the game has and how it explains its mechanics. That element, more than any other, shows how dated the game is. More and more, games are trying to avoid explicit tutorials, and while Disgaea always has humor mixed in and makes the tutorial challenging enough, it clearly has some older design philosophies that it’s working with. Which, mind you, were modern design philosophies when it came out in 2003, 14 years ago.

This Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were busy with a job in Boston that required a lot of time away from home, and I got little done. So, today is the day to make up for those hours lost. I need to be moving towards the game being fully built and playtestable–a true alpha build. But those days keep getting pushed back as I focus on smaller tasks and get off track. My only solace is that the game continuously does move forward. And, talking with a friend at the Boston Unity Group yesterday, it seems like getting Greenlit on Steam is not as difficult as I was thinking it might be. It will still require attention and due diligence, but it seems that the barriers are, for better or for worse, penetrable for someone like me without too much backing.

Still need a good trailer though.


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