//redoing voice overs

Last Saturday I had a little coding session with someone I knew. I learned about Dictionaries in C#, a concept that must be pretty basic for someone swimming, but for me, treading water in the shallow end, it was very useful. Come Monday, I attempted to redo my voice over system.

My old voice over system was awful. A piece of junk. Editing it took time and energy, and even a single level could take a day. Putting the writing script I had written into the code script was a task and a half. I don’t know why I ever used the ENUM / switch I’d used before. In Unity, using switches means you have to select the correct ENUM from a giant list, and that list is not easy to navigate.

The new JSON file, keeping everything neat and tidy. And, able to be localized with more ease.

In any case, I use JSON now to keep my script. I actually edit a CSV document and then convert it to JSON, but who’s asking? Due to the game now being able to read the written script from the JSON, subtitles are basically able to be added in no time at all, and edited with ease. After finishing with everything Tuesday, I patted myself on the back. On Wednesday and Thursday I added subtitles and my own scratch VO to Levels 1-3. Today, I’m thinking about adding them to Level 4, but we’ll see what happens. It’s no longer hard, it just takes time.

One inconvenient truth is that my Level 3 is… bad. Or, it is to me. I haven’t had anyone playtest it. In fact, Level 1 is the only level semi-polished and playtested often area. Level 2 is playtester ready. Level 3 is… Well, I want to watch someone play it. Now, with voice overs, it feels legitimate. I’ll have to see how playtesters react.

This week is Boston FIG Talks, so I’m excited to see what other people have to say and meet some interesting developers. If you’re there, I hope we can meet up!


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