//a week of difference

This past week has been… different.

It started with a Boston Indie’s meeting on Monday night. Met some great people including a really talented artist and enjoyed a good talk by Seth Alter and Julian Jarboe on making games as art. The night ending up being very productive and helped me look at the Many Sides of Ball in a new light.

The focus on Tuesday and Wednesday was on reworking the script to hopefully have outside people look at it. Unfortunately, I’m still behind on it, and every time I edit it, it turns into a massive rewrite. For a game that relies so heavily on the script, it’s important that I get it right. Here is a case were perfectionism will certainly get in the way, however.

Yesterday, I attended Boston Postmortem where I went and met even more people, forgot half the names, but reconnected with the wonderful people who successfully greenlit their game Friender Bender. I’ve played it and definitely recommend checking it out if you’re into couch multiplayer.

Today, I’m going to something of a code-intensive-training session where we’re going to look at our C# code and either fix it, clean it up, or, most importantly, learn something new to solve problems we have. One of my biggest problems to overcome right now is getting the script into the game without hassle. Right now it works, but it’s with a lot more hassle than I’d like.

Aside from that, this week marks the first week where I have successfully continued the streak of updating this blog and my other one. It’s also been a week of less impressive, tiny changes to the game, but ones that I think will make it look and feel better. Polish, perhaps, but important to get some work done rather than nothing concrete at all.


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