//2.5 months later

It seems with each update that the next update becomes exponentially further away. I’m going to try and amend this behavior.

The good news is that I’ve been working hard on the game. The first level is now comprised of 3 sections:



While the third part has been shown before, the first and second part are new. The third part is also quite different than it was two months ago.

There is also some explanation involved here. The first part (1-1) is a 2D view, traditional side-scolling style level. The second part (1-2) is top-down. The third part is same as before, the 3D platforming that the game has been doing since the beginning.

One big decision that’s been made since last time is that the game would take place with multiple camera view points. This helps ease players into certain mechanics and controls. One of the main reasons I switched to this style was actually because when playtesting, many players were confused by objects like buttons and mechanics such as climbing walls. By restricting the player’s movement, the player could learn how these things work by being forced to interact with them.

Those three above levels have now been demoed multiple times. Each demo, people like the game more and more, which is always good.

As an aside, the hardest decision I’ve had to make so far was in telling a great composer that I couldn’t hire him for the project. I have a composer for the project already, but the fact that someone good actually wanted to help work on the project was a nice surprise.

Level two looks like this:


Level 2-1 being side-scrolling and level 2-2 being the old Pyramid that I’ve been so proud of. Today was also a day of trying out GIFs, so I have one to go with it:

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (4).gif

This is what the Pyramid looks like at the ground level, moving on the lower ring.

Level 3 is better than it’s ever been, but still needs work:


Level 3 has barriers that the player can only travel through when they’re a certain color. 3-1 is top-down, 3-2 is 3rd person, and 3-3 is side-scrolling. Hard to say which one I like the most.

While the first 3 levels are generally good, level 4-6 are definitely works in progress. Level 4 can be completed, but level 5-2 and all of level 6 is unable to be completed by the player at this moment.

Okay, let’s put them all up in bulk:

Level 4:


Also a work in progress, but generally levels I’m proud of. A GIF, for in-game view:


Level 5:



Level 6:


In general, the game continues to soldier on. However, I got a pretty big bucket of water splashed on me on the weekend.

I decided to ask for help on the official Unity forums in regards to running a kickstarter. And the fact is, I’m not ready. The game doesn’t look amazing yet, and I don’t have a name or following that would help a kickstarter get off the ground. I’d been looking at it like free advertising, but in fact, as many people suggested, I should focus on getting around more before I invest in this campaign.

All that said, the wake-up call was good in focusing me towards building my social media influence and on making the game look better.

I’m at a strange crossroads in any case. Focus on the game and building social media? Release the game as soon as it’s done? Should I focus on quantity over quality?

Whatever I decide, there’s clearly a long road ahead.


P.S. The game’s working title is now “The Many Sides of Ball”. Deals with the pun on the infinite sides of a sphere, as well as the fact that the game is about the many perspectives of others on Ball’s multicultural life.


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