//weeks 6-12, making progress

To look at what I’d last posted here, I was shocked at how little I’d written about. It’s not that I had mis-remembered writing a bunch–I knew I’d been lacking on the writing front. It’s actually a relief in knowing how much I’ve gotten done in the past weeks.

So, where we left off: I finished working on the island level. It looks like this now:


And, overall, I was pleased with it. It was a level that allowed me to test how the game would work, and I think I got it working fine enough. Throughout the level, I spread collectibles and put in some voice overs. It’s not a great level, but I was happy with it.

Then came the canyon:


The canyon was a little more focused. No collectibles. Some puzzle-y elements. Moving platforms. Humor-focused voice overs. The area on the mid-left is an indoor maze. And the inside of the two towers in the back looks like:


Those lights in the middle go on and off, making for some challenging platforming where you can’t always see where you want to go.

Overall, the canyon level was nowhere near perfect, but it was a lot better than the island level. When I gave it to some playtesters, they universally preferred this level. And, personally, I liked it a lot more as well. Not placing all those collectibles was nice.

Then came area 1:


While those first two levels were for testing purposes, and probably wont make it into the final game, this was the start of the real game.

Admittedly, I’m not sure this level will even work in the final game. But it’s not bad. Maybe a little short. With some real voice-acting in, I think it will feel pretty good.

Level 2, the Pyramid:


While I was happy with level 1, I was pretty proud of level 2. Level 2 also needs lots of work, but for the first time, I felt like the game was artistically coming together.

In fact, the editor shot of the Pyramid doesn’t even look that good. How does it look in game?


The level has some problems, but some tweaking of the main character’s stats and adding voice overs will do a lot to make it feel good. Right now it’s kind of like the Beginner’s Guide. Like, without any voice overs, it wouldn’t be worth playing. But with it, you have a solid experience.

And just this week I started on level 3. This area needs the most work and is full of problems, but it’s not beyond saving. On Monday, I was convinced it could never work. Now, well, I think I see it taking shape.


In addition, I’ve also worked on a pretentious splash screen for when the game starts, with a random message:


And I have a title screen:


And an embarrassing world map that’s not even worth showing off.

Overall, these past 6 weeks have gotten the game to take shape, and though I’m not about to claim it’s good yet, I do have confidence that it will be in a solid, releasable state in the coming months.

But the difference between good and great isn’t small, so I need to keep focus. Better the script. Maybe hire some talent, especially on the voice acting side of things.

Hmm… if that’s the case, maybe a kickstarter is in the game’s future…


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