//week 5, confidence

I’m starting to feel much more together as a coder. Functions that were once elusive are starting to make sense. Learning about (admittedly basic) things like enums and classes gets the blood boiling. I’ll assume that’s a good thing.

This week has been focusing on the UI, and specifically the world map and changing areas. Unfortunately, while I have a lot of code that works, I also have a lot of problems that seem temporarily unsolvable. That is, they’re solvable, but not with what I currently know. But maybe I could figure it out with what I have. Sometimes a few problems pile up and frustrate, but the basic solution isn’t far away. Guess we’ll see in the coming weeks.

Aside from the UI, I’ve also been trying to build areas faster. Because of some basic problems with my character controller, I have to make sure that walls and the tops of walls are separate objects. The tops of walls being separate allows me to walk on them. Without separating the two, all objects become climbable! Not a terrible problem, but something I need to work around. Or, perhaps, design around.

In any case, I spent some time today with the terrain editor and added some touches of my own which left me with this:


For some perspective, with the player standing on top of the tower in the middle, they can see this:


Anyways, building areas is always fun. Maybe I’ll just make a career out of being an environmental artist. Who knows?

Boston Festival of Indie Games is this weekend! Psyched!


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