//weeks 3 and 4, progress

I was going to do separate posts for each week, but I was more focused on making the game than updating the blog. So, they got pushed together into a single post. Thankfully, the theme is pretty much the same with each week: progress.

The game as it currently stands looks a little like this:

ball game current 090216

It’s not much, but it’s a test area to work out some of the kinks. Really, all the basics of the main scripts. Do I want a door? How about pickups? Testing physics and abilities? All here.

So, you start the game test area. It throws you in like this:ball game start

You may notice I don’t have any kind of comprehensive debugging window. That’s on me. I’m still learning. I tend to use the unity editor window to cover the things I’m trying to debug, but it’s a half-assed solution. I’m excited to get better at debugging, actually.

Anywho, continuing on. When you get the first “journey shape”, some text displays. Ideally with a voice over, but we’ll get to that.ball game exp subtitle

Over here is a set of moving platforms. They don’t work perfectly, what with the player getting shoved up against the barrier-like sidewalls when they move, but it’s a start.ball game moving platform

Here is a switch. When you active it, it spins down and the door opens. Basic, but functional. The script I made can basically be used for any button and door, though I still need to add a function that makes it close after a certain amount of time for certain doors.ball game opening door

Here is an object purely for testing purposes that, when touched, gives the player a new ability. In game, it will probably be given during the story, not through any kind of floating sphere. ball game new ability

And, of course, when touched, it gives some unique text. This was actually a test of multi-line subtitles, but who’s asking?ball game new ability get

Over there, above all the floating white objects, is a spinning red H. Decently hard to collect, but not impossible. Those white pillars shift around when hitting into them. Also, I should mention that you can walk on the side of them. And most objects. It’s a bug turned feature!ball game over there

This is a set of boxes.

ball game boxes

Bump into them and they get picked up. Ideally, you’ll press a button to pick them up, but I’ll get to that. ball game pickup

Press a button and you can throw them. The smaller boxes go further. ball game throw

Over here is a “speed shape”. It disappears after a certain amount of time.ball game speed pickup

Speaking of which, there’s also a pause screen that displays your collectibles and  changes the color of the number of collectibles and the name to yellow when all of them are picked up. It of course also pauses the area, but of course it does that–it’s a pause screen.ball game pause screen

So, after a month, that’s about where I’m at. Or, rather, that’s the physical representation of where I’m at. What you can’t see is my increased confidence in writing code and my knowledge of Unity and C#. I’m sure an expert could make what I’ve managed to accomplish in a few days. But, personally, I’ve grown, and that’s the most important thing.

I mean, until I start to ask for money for this thing. Then it doesn’t really matter how much I’ve grown. All that matters is whether or not the thing I make is good. And, when that day comes, I hope I’ll be ready.


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