//week 2, sick

Week 2, from August 15th to 19th, was not great.

On the one hand, I got a lot done for my main project. Rather than tutorials, actual testing of ideas and implementation occurred. The test area grew into a space that was beginning to be interesting. The character could now move and jump and the camera would work with the player. Many advanced features (like the character picking up and throwing items, or the camera zooming in when something is in the way) are still on their way, but the core features were there.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday night, I came down with a fever and cough, the former which got up to 104 F and the latter with remains with me until the present day. The sickness forced to into bed and into not working too hard, though I did my best to not be completely stationary. In fact, the more movement I did, the healthier I felt.

Due to the missed time, I spent the weekend doing as much work as possible, trying to catch up.


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