//week 1, tutorials

Even though I started this blog on August 12th, and I got back from Japan on August 3rd, the truth is that work on my new project began in earnest around August 8th.

While I’ve worked on games consistently for the last two and a half years, and thought about them for the past two decades, I’ve actually done very little (1)coding and (2)work in Unity. Over the course of the next five months, one of my main focuses is on improving my skill and familiarity with both. And the best way to get your feet wet is to jump in… with a tutorial.

Most of the tutorials I jumped into during the first week dealt with character controller scripts and camera scripts. As I’m making a 3d platformer, neither of these are particularly easy. However, a few proved especially useful:

3d character controller and camera

3d platformer camera controller

Alongside that, I looked at some Unity Store Asset tools and the tutorials they had for them. Some of those tutorials convinced me that spending $20 on purchasing a camera might be better than fumbling through code and understanding quaternions. However, even if I do purchase these things, the fumbling was still useful in teaching me more about scripting.

All in all, week 1 ended with a growing familiarity with new tools, scripts I can actually work with, and a better knowledge of how to write code.


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